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Is Your Foot Misaligned? We Can Help You Find a Solution.

If the pain in your feet is lowering your quality of life, seeking the expertise of a skilled New York City foot doctor should be a top priority. Since a problem with your feet can affect several parts of your body, and can even be a sign that your overall health is suffering, it should be taken seriously. At New York Foot Center, Dr. Robertson has helped countless people address their foot concerns, rehabilitate after injuries, and feel relief after surgery. If you're ready to see a doctor who cares about his patients in a practice that is small enough that you matter, you've come to the right place.

Don't hesitate to call our skilled New York City podiatrist today at (917) 444-9639 for the help you need. We'll guide you along the path to better health!

Understanding Custom Orthotics

Are you suffering from a foot imbalance that is causing you pain and discomfort? You should seek the help of an experienced New York City custom orthotics doctor, who will be able to determine whether custom orthotics can help your situation. If you've never heard of this medical term before, let us explain. A custom orthotic is a biomechanical medical appliance that corrects your foot imbalance; it's made to fit in the insole of your shoes.

At New York Foot Center, Dr. Robertson helps patients experience the many benefits of custom orthotics, including:

  • Aligning the foot to its proper position
  • Continued comfort
  • Preventing unnecessary stress on other parts of the body
  • Allow your foot muscles to be used more efficiently
  • Reduce fatigue

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If you're ready to see whether custom orthotics can help you feel better, Dr. Robertson is available to help. Our New York City custom orthotics doctor has helped countless patients, and we're determined to help you find relief.

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