Foot and Ankle Arthritis Treatment


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Arthritis is a painful condition that affects various joints in the body. The most common cause of arthritis is natural wear and tear as we age, but it can also be caused by external factors. There is no cure for arthritis, so treatment is aimed at managing pain and preventing irritation so that the condition does not grow worse.

Some indicators that you are developing arthritis include:

  • Pain when you move your foot or toes
  • Your foot appears swollen
  • The foot is especially painful or swollen in the morning
  • The areas around your joints are red and tender

If you are experiencing joint pains in the foot or ankle, it is recommended you have a podiatrist diagnose the cause as soon as possible. Arthritis can worsen over time, so starting treatment early can help you avoid serious pains later on.

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Foot & Ankle Arthritis Treatment in New York City

At New York Foot Center, our podiatrist works closely with patients to develop a customized treatment plan. We run through conservative, minimally invasive treatments first and escalate procedures based on the patient’s response. In many cases, arthritis can be treated with pain medication and physical therapy. During physical therapy, patients will undergo supervised exercises designed to reduce joint inflammation and increase range-of-motion. We can also supply ankle braces and assistive devices to help ease the strain on the affected foot.

In the event that surgery is necessary, we will run through the available options with you and lay out the benefits and risks of each procedure. Some surgical options include joint replacement, removal of the inflamed tissues, or joint fusion. After your procedure, we will continue your rehabilitation until you are capable of managing on your own or with the assistance of a live-in family member or caretaker.

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