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Identify the Source of Your Discomfort

Are you looking for a podiatry practice that can skillfully perform a foot scan, and also help with whatever foot alignment you're suffering from? We can help. New York Foot Center is a family-owned practice and is small enough that every patient matters to our entire team. Our New York City foot surgeon, Dr. Robertson, has received cutting-edge training, and he is determined to treat each patient with the compassion and understanding they deserve. If you have been feeling pain or discomfort in your feet or ankles, reaching out to a local New York City foot scans practice is the first step.

Get in contact with our New York City podiatrist today by calling us at (917) 444-9639. Dr. Robertson has the skills you need to get your foot health in order; call us now!

The Importance of Foot Scans

Foot scans are paramount to the success of any podiatry practice and the way it treats its patients. If your foot has been injured, or you feel a sudden pain in your feet, a foot scan will help determine what the problem is. Our New York City podiatrist uses foot scans to assess his patients' ailments, and determine the correct route of treatment.

Foot scans can provide a number of benefits, such as:

  • They can identify serious problems invisible to the naked eye
  • They help determine whether custom orthotics are necessary
  • They show insight into the patient's postural health

If you're ready to get relief from your foot pain, you should consider getting foot scans from a local, New York City foot scans doctor. Soon, you'll be on your way to healthier, better-functioning feet.

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