Laser Fungal Treatment

New York City Laser Toenail Fungus Treatment

Eliminate All Signs of Nail Fungus with the HyperBlue 2.0 Plus Laser™

Nail fungus is not only embarrassing, it can be extremely painful. These infections take root under the nail and the fungi, called dermatophytes, cause the nails to become thick, crusty, distorted, and discolored.

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Fortunately, there is now a fast, easy, and clinically-proven method for getting rid of unsightly nail fungus for good, and our New York City podiatrist can help.

The PinPointe FootLaser™ is the top choice by podiatrists for a number of reasons, such as:

  • Each session lasts 30 minutes or less
  • It is the first toenail fungus treatment that is fully FDA-approved
  • The results are clinically proven
  • There are no side effects
  • The process is fast and easy

What Causes a Fungal Nail Infection?

There are many reasons that a person can be more susceptible to nail fungus. This could include a family history of having this condition, poor health, advancing age, trauma to the nail, a warm or moist environment, ill-fitting footwear, or exposure to fungal infection in communal settings such as gyms or bathing areas.

Those with diabetes, or who are in any way immunocompromised, may find that these simple but annoying infections can actually have very serious consequences. In these individuals, such infections have the potential to run rampant and cause a variety of larger issues.

Cutting-Edge Technology on Your Side

Treating a nail infection by conventional means is a very challenging and unreliable business indeed. Because the infection itself is located within and beneath the nail itself, it is very difficult to deliver any treatment directly to the area. Medication can also have tricky side effects, and other home remedies are frequently more myth than fact. Instead of rolling the dice with these methods, let our New York City podiatrist help you solve the problem for good.

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