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Men and women throughout the greater New York area shouldn’t have to cover up their feet if they’re struggling with a case of nail fungus. By offering cutting-edge laser nail fungus removal, Terry Robertson, DPM can eliminate your nail fungus at New York Foot Center in Yorkville, Upper East Side. Find out if you’re a candidate for laser nail fungus removal by scheduling an evaluation, either online or over the phone.

Laser Toenail Fungus Removal Q & A

What is nail fungus?

Nail fungus (onychomycosis) is a common issue. It's an infection started by dermatophytes, a type of fungus that's extremely contagious. Initially, it appears as a small white or yellow spot right under the tip of your toenail. Without proper care, the fungal infection can spread deeper.

Over time, nail fungus leads to widespread nail discoloration on one or more of your toes. In extreme cases, the fungus causes your nail to thicken and ultimately split or break away from your skin.

How did I get nail fungus?

Nail fungus can occur for several reasons.

You can develop it by walking barefoot in a contaminated, moist environment, such as a gym locker room or near a pool. Some men and women get toenail fungus by sharing their socks or shoes with someone with the condition. If you regularly get pedicures from a salon that doesn’t practice proper sanitation, your risk of developing toenail fungus also increases.

What is the treatment for toenail fungus?

If your toenail fungus is mild or isn’t worsening, you might not need to do anything to treat it. But if your condition causes pain or your nails start pulling away from your skin, it’s time to see Dr. Robertson. Your custom treatment plan can include:

  • Oral antifungal medications
  • Medicated nail polish
  • Medicated nail cream

One of the most innovative solutions for toenail fungus is laser treatment. In as little as one 30-minute session, Dr. Robertson can gently destroy the fungal infection right in the office. He uses the latest FDA-cleared foot laser to help you heal and get through even a complex case of toenail fungus.

Can I prevent nail fungus from coming back?

Often, yes. Dr. Robertson teaches you how to protect your feet and minimize your risk of future fungal issues. Avoid sharing your socks or shoes with anyone, especially if there’s a chance they have a nail fungus infection.

You should also keep your feet dry as much as possible. As soon as your workout is over, for instance, take off your gym shoes, let your feet air out, and put on clean socks.

If you have nail fungus, book your exam at New York Foot Center before your condition worsens. Schedule your visit either online or over the phone.

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