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Dr. Terry Robertson

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Dr. Terry Robertson is the primary podiatrist at New York Foot Center whose specialties include podiatric medicine, sports medicinephysical therapy, and laser surgery.

Dr. Robertson's Education

Dr. Robertson holds a Master’s in Health Care Administration and a Master’s in Public Health from the Massachusetts College of Health and Pharmacy, he went on to attend Barry University School Of Podiatry in Miami Florida where he graduated in 2011. His in-depth training and experience are on full display in both his outstanding bedside manner and skilled application of podiatric treatments.

Visit Our Skilled Podiatrist Today

After just one visit with Dr. Robertson, most patients decide to make him their primary podiatrist. Patients of our clinic have received such excellent care that, up until now, the majority of our business came from word-of-mouth referrals. Dr. Robertson was entrusted with New York Foot Center after the previous physician retired because of his great rapport with patients and his diverse knowledge of both podiatric medicine and surgical procedures.

Our skilled podiatrist, Dr. Terry Robertson, is currently accepting new patients! Call us today at (917) 809-6318 to schedule an appointment.